Help the youngblood family take baby moses to see his grandparents!

 Dace Youngblood and our son, Moses.

Dace Youngblood and our son, Moses.


It all started when...

Dace and I met through a mutual friend on Facebook. We quickly became friends and started talking frequently. Two months later we decided to "date" though we were 5000+ miles away from one another and hadn't met in person.  We had though, really logged in some hours on Skype! I think about 60+ in two months time.

Two and a half months after we had "met" through Facebook, she flew to the USA, and we got engaged a week after meeting in person. It happened fast, but we both just knew we were supposed to be married. We prayed a lot about it, and sought wisdom from others. Our family was skeptical but supportive. After a month here, she went back to Latvia and we didn't see each other for a year. After that, I sold everything I owned, got on a plane and went to her. We got married and lived in Europe for just over a year, then moved back to the USA so I could get more steady employment. I never could find steady work in her country, due to my lack of knowing the Russian and Latvia languages.

Well, we've now been married over 4 years, and have a 15 month old son. My wife is very heartbroken because she has not seen her country in 3 years, and because her parents have not met their grandson. It just hasn't been feasible for us to make the trip yet, because we want to go as a family.  We have some money saved, through my design work and some people who have given generously,  but we still have a way to go. Just when we were on the verge of buying tickets last Sept., ticket prices suddenly went up about 40% and still have not come down. We still need to raise about $3000 to cover our expenses.

 If you'd like to help financially, that would be great, but if not, no worries either. Just please consider saying a prayer for us that it would happen soon! Thank you, and God bless. 


if you would like to give to our travel fund, please visit this link: 

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