this crazy busy hectic artistic life.

It's been a crazy week. Picked up two new clients, which is good, but I'm also working on a show that is going up Wednesday- God, I hope I can finish all the work for it and get it framed! Going to have to be creative. Good thing I have some left over frames hanging around the house-just need to be cleaned. The series is going up at Infuxion Vodka Bar. A pretty cool place. Love the atmosphere there. I'm excited as it will be the first show I've done in a long while. A little nervous. It's like riding a bike, you don't forget, but the muscles atrophy-no one tells you that part... Anyways, the show is mostly themed around bar drinks. Doing work in mixed media, everything from Adobe illustrator to ink and watercolor. Hope it looks coherent, that's a concern. 

thinking like a professional.

Been thinking a lot about branding, and not only because it's part of what I do for others. I'm thinking a lot about my brand lately. What makes it tough is that I don't have a consistent style of work, as I've always been interested in many things. It's a strength in some ways to be able to render in a lot of different ways, but it hurts your portfolio and brand because, well, you look chaotic-all over the place, and it makes it hard for people to identify you and connect. So, I'm thinking a lot about it and trying to hone it down, but also not trying to force it. One of the worst things an artist can do is try to force a style- it must have it's own life and come to the surface in its own timing. But, it's good to always be semi-conscious of, remembering it's always evolving and tastes change-yours and that of others. Resist trying to be trendy, and yet keep it up to date. Being an artist is a balancing act in many ways.  The good thing is that the internet makes finding a market more accessible than ever. It's a great time to be a creative person. But there's always more to learn, and I'm still just another nomad trying to find his way.

here's an ink drawing I did last night. #illustratorhead