Hello, I'm Jeff Youngblood, 

Welcome to my humble little website. 



 About me:

I’ve been interested in art and creative writing since high school.  I studied fine art in college at MSSU, but after leaving there, I struggled to earn a living and also stay creative. That’s partly why I took up design. 

Once I got into it, I wondered why I hadn’t pursued design earlier. I love the creativity and problem solving of it. I don’t just get to make things look pretty, I improve the communication between people.

Most of my design work draws from my 20 yr+ background in illustration and fine arts. It gave me a good sense of color, form and visual communication.

Branding is probably my favorite aspect because it encompasses so many things. I like the big picture thinking involved.

Branding well means finding the authentic story and telling it. And who doesn’t like stories? I also like the sleuthing involved.

I am a visual problem solver. I value simplicity. I value clarity. I value authentic communication. When those three things come together, it's dynamite.