Hello, I'm Jeff Youngblood, Welcome to my humble little website. 


About me:

Good design makes the world look better and work better. IT makes communicating easier, it makes doing everyday things simpler and more beautiful. And it gives me great joy that I can help make the world a better place by being a part of that.

I am a visual problem solver. I value simplicity, forward thinking and exploration. An authentic approach through honest dialogue is the best way  to develop an idea. Effective, uncluttered communication is the goal.

Design is a collaborationHow I work with clients:

The first objective is research. I need to know you before I can visually represent you. I want to connect personally. I want to understand you, and I want to understand your audience.

You know your business, so I'm here to listen, first and foremost. Good research is crucial, as it correctly frames the problem and identifies the right approach the design needs to take to provide the right solution.

Secondly, once the problem is correctly outlined, my goal is to develop solutions in a way that is faithful with your core values.  I want the design to be authentic, to truly reflect t who you are. The goal is to visually communicate in a unique and personal way that is engaging, beautiful and accessible.

Great design is really just part of a great, ongoing conversation.